José Rodrigues dos Santos


Fúria Divina

(The Wrath of God)


”The novel’s pace is breathtaking and the information within is simply stunning.”

Diário de Notícias, Portugal

"José Rodrigues dos Santos, a master storyteller, explains with vibrant realism the causes and effects of Islamic radicalism. Is The Wrath of God truly a thriller? Certainly, but it is written with such talent that almost becomes a thrilling piece of journalistic reportage."

Il Messaggero, Italy

"A story where the discussion on Islam becomes a page-turning thriller (...) A novel about the times we live in."

Metro, Italy

"A hot subject accurately researched (...) a compelling plot in a thriller full of mystery and action that continues to the very last page."

Jornal de Letras, Portugal

“In a year full of books with the potential to conquer the first place in the tops, José Rodrigues dos Santos definitely established himself as the King of Bestsellers thanks to his novel The Wrath of God."

Expresso, Portugal

"José Rodrigues dos Santos is the brightest star in the national book rankings."

i, Portugal

“An efficient, pacey thriller, ably carrying out the plot. But, above all, out of the blue this new novel by the Portuguese author deciphers Islam, particularly Islamic fundamentalism. This is done without taking sides – and in this the author is overtaken by the journalist, who only knows one philosophy: the facts, nothing but the facts. Fiction does the rest – in this case, a furiously competent and intelligent thriller.”

Quotidien du Luxembourg, Luxemburg

“As usual, JR dos Santos offers us an intelligent, challenging and extremely well-researched novel. A real page-turner firmly anchored in current affairs.”

Metro, France

“An addictive novel.”

L’Alsace, France

“A well-structured thriller.”

Courrier français, France