José Rodrigues dos Santos


O Sétimo Selo

(The Seventh Seal)


“José Rodrigues dos Santos focuses on current affairs issues with a solid historical and scientific background. While proving himself in keen command of the arts of suspense and the thriller, he masterfully weaves a complex net of mysteries that envelop the reader and bind him to a frequently addictive reading.”

Visão, Portugal

“This is a novel that grabs the readers from the beginning until the end, especially because not everything is fiction and some of these threats are for real.”

Extra, Portugal

“Masterly using his experience as a journalist and reporter, José Rodrigues dos Santos fills his novels with novelesque creativity and sophisticated research of scientific and technical information, turning them into interesting food for thought and cultural enrichment for his readers. In The Seventh Seal, the author crosses multiple current issues and, with a fair amount of sensitivity, deals with two crucial subjects of contemporary life – on one hand the relationship between demographic ageing, the dialogue of generations and the preservation of family ties, on the other hand the link between our need for environmental sustainability of the planet and our drive for economic growth. With a keen sense of the market’s needs, José Rodrigues dos Santos spices up the plot with a touch of eroticism, mysteries involving the Kabbalah, ciphers and codes, gastronomy and travelling, while maintaining a consistent background of information about our world, driving you to move forward and explore, to become an actor in a new era based on a new relationship with our planet and a new model for economic growth. I believe that, for a non-expert, there is no quicker way to understand the importance of some recent choices in European policies than to enthusiastically follow The Seventh Seal’s plot.”

Diário do Sul, Portugal

“Once you start reading this book, you just can’t put it aside. It’s written in a simple, direct and fluid style, drawing you into a plot supported by true scientific data. (…) It’s thrilling and an eye-opener.”

Domingo, Mozambique