José Rodrigues dos Santos

O Último SegredoThe Last Secret

(The Last Secret)


Vatican library, Rome.

Spanish paleographer Patricia Escalona researches one of the oldest surviving manuscripts of the Bible, Codex Vaticanus. A noise in the darkness catches her attention. A shadow suddenly falls on her.

Her throat is cut.

Italian police inspector Valentina Ferro calls famous Portuguese historian and cryptanalyst Tomás Noronha, who happens to be in Rome involved in archeological research, and shows him a strange riddle left by the killer close to the victim’s body in the Vatican Library.

Two other killings take place, all involving academics and biblical riddles. In the quest for the truth, Tomás and Valentina find themselves on the trail of the true enigmas left by the Bible, a search that leads them to the Holy Land and places them before the last secret of the New Testament.

The true identity of Jesus Christ.

Based on genuine historical, biblical and scientific information, José Rodrigues dos Santos reasserts himself in this remarkable novel as a great master of mystery. More than an outstanding piece of fiction, The Last Secret unveils the key to the most dazzling enigma of the Scriptures.