José Rodrigues dos Santos


A Amante do GovernadorThe Governor's Lover

(The Governor's Lover)


After attacking Pearl Harbour and invading Hong Kong, the Japanese lay siege to Macau. With the enemy at the gates, Portuguese governor Artur Teixeira faces the biggest threat to the Portuguese empire during Second World War. Opposing him is colonel Sawa, head of the Kempeitai, who threatens to invade the Portuguese colony in China.  

To save Macau, the governor relies on his wits and the help of a handful of men and women - including the Chinese concubine of Colonel Sawa, Lian-hua. The plot thickens when Teixeira falls in love with her.  

 Love and war in a clash of empires  

The Macau of junks and sampans, of casinos and opium, of Leal Senado and Praia Grande, of Fat Siu Lao, of the Military Club and the Club of Macau, of the Interior Port and Porta do Cerco, of the rickshaws, of Chinese smugglers and Russian dancers, of mah-jong and corruption, of the patois, of the songs of Art Carneiro and the hockey games at the Caixa Escolar.  

The Macau of refugees, of bombings and of starvation.   

Based on true events, The Governor’s Lover recalls the days when Macau was under siege by the Japanese and shows how Portugal kept the only Western flag flying in the Far East during the Second World War.  

The great Portuguese novel is back, by José Rodrigues do Santos, the master of contemporary Portuguese fiction.