José Rodrigues dos Santos


O Pavilhão PúrpuraThe Purple Pavilion

(The Purple Pavilion)


Karl Marx has an idea that will shake the world: the revolution is coming.

 The marxist prophecy shakes the world. Lenin takes over Russia and Mussolini becomes Italy’s Duce. The planet turns into a very dangerous place and millions are caught in the whirlwind of history.

Including two men and two women.

Satake Fukui grows in Japan and sees ultra militarism everywhere, while blue-eyed Chinese Lian-hua is kidnapped by Mao Zedong and witnesses the clash between Communists and Nationalists. Young Nadezhda lives in Russia under the Bolsheviks and its terrifying collectivization programme, whereas Artur watches democracy crumbling in Portugal and the rise of dictator Salazar.

Four characters, four stories, four destines.

Can an idea change the world? Based on true historic events, The Purple Pavilion is the sequel to The Lotus Flowers in The Lotus Trilogy, and shows us how a generous political concept can bring humankind to the edge of the abyss..