José Rodrigues dos Santos


Um Milionário em LisboaA Millionaire in Lisbon

(A Millionaire in Lisbon)


The world architecture for the oil business is completed and Kaloust Sarkisian becomes the richest man in the 20th century. Living in Paris and London, where he permanently keeps a young beauty in his Ritz suite, he devotes himself to his art collection – the finest of his day.

But destiny interferes.

The horror of the Armenian genocide in the Great War and the chaos of the Second World War force the Armenian millionaire to look for a new place to live. After agonizing over a destination, his son shows him what will become his final home:


The richest man in the world decides to live in quiet and bucolic Portugal. His choice astonishes the world of oil and puzzles the Portuguese dictator, Salazar. The Portuguese police arrest him.

Based on true events, A Millionaire in Lisbon concludes the amazing story of The Man from Constantinople and takes us in the footsteps of the little Armenian man that changed our civilization – confirming José Rodrigues dos Santos as one of the major storytellers of world literature.