José Rodrigues dos Santos


O Jardim dos Animais com Alma

(The Garden of Animals With Soul)


A body is found floating in a tank of Lisbon’s Oceanarium Park. All clues point to Maria Flor as the murderer. The police arrests her. Only one man can help her – her husband, Tomás Noronha.

To prove her innocence, Tomás has to find the real author of the crime. This leads him to the victim’s secretive project – and to the mysteries within Hieronymus Bosch’s most esoteric painting. At the end of the quest lies one of Nature’s most wonderful secrets: the intelligence, the emotions and the consciousness of animals.

Who is the real killer? Why was the victim murdered? What is the relationship between the homicide and Bosch’s mystic painting? And, above all, what is the connection between this murder and the genocide carried out by human beings against life in our planet?

Who are the real beasts? The animals – or we?

With The Garden of Animals With Soul, the master of European real mystery novels is back with an adventure that sets humans before Nature and shows us how beastly are humans and how human are beasts. Based on the latest scientific research on ethology, José Rodrigues dos Santos forces us to stare at Humankind’s darkest face