José Rodrigues dos Santos


O Jardim dos Animais com Alma

(The Garden of Animals With Soul)


"Despite being a novel, written with a skilful plot that grabs the reader to its pages in a pleasurable way, this book offers much more than mere entertainment. He deeply studied our relationship with animals. At the end, he provides a wide bibliography, almost as if this is an academic work. While reading it, and beyond its detective story, this book compels us to meditate about a rough reality.

The way we deal with animals reflects many imperfections that throw the shadow of shame and guilt over the human condition (...) José Rodrigues dos Santos correctly identifies the ethical essence of this subject: 'The way we deal with animals defines what we are. We have obligations towards them, not because they have rights, but precisely because they don't have them, because they are impotent before us, because they are under our mercy and the duty of the strong is to respect and defend the defenceless'."

 Diário de Notícias, Portugal