José Rodrigues dos Santos


A Fórmula de Deus

(The Einstein Enigma)


It is the spring of 1951. Just off a small street in Princeton, NJ, an unidentified man stands hidden, carefully monitoring an unfolding scene. A police-escorted motorcade stops at a small, unremarkable house while an old man with a shock of white hair jumps out of the lead car. As he ambles up the walkway, a man of around the same age—also sporting wild white hair—descends from the porch and warmly greets him. The observer lurking in the shadows is CIA — fellow operatives are also close by, recording the conversation taking place inside the house between newly arrived Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion and his host, the word-renowned scientist Albert Einstein. The subject of their conversation: nuclear weapons and the existence of God.

World famous cryptanalyst Tomás Noronha is waiting on the front steps of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo when an attractive, dark-haired woman approaches and invites him to lunch in the Moslem quarter. Her name is Ariana Pakravan. She is Iranian and during the course of their lunch hires Tomás to decipher a cryptogram hidden in an unknown document that has been recently discovered in Iran and is at present being kept under heavy security in Tehran. The document turns out to be a manuscript written by Albert Einstein, and its content may prove so extraordinary that it’s likely to shake the world. The manuscript’s title is, simply, Die Gottesformel. The Einstein Enigma.

Before Tomás leaves for Tehran, however, the American cultural attaché in Lisbon invites him for a meeting at the US Embassy. There, the cryptanalyst meets with two CIA operatives who warn him that the manuscript in question is in fact Einstein’s recipe for an easily produced atomic bomb, commissioned many years ago by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion. Iran cannot be allowed to develop such a weapon: Tomás is assigned the mission of co-operating with the Iranians in order to ascertain the precise content of the manuscript and report back his findings.

Once in Tehran, Tomás finds that the manuscript, written in German, is filled with enigmatic riddles. The first is a strange and dark poem written in English:

Terra if fin

De terrors tight

Sabbath fore

Christ nite

As Tomás begins to decipher the rest of the manuscript, he finds that it contains much more than he had bargained for - something beyond his imagination. The enigma surrounding Einstein’s ultimate legacy places Tomás on a dangerous collision course with a nuclear crisis involving Iran. But, more importantly, it puts him on the trail of the greatest mystery of all.

 The scientific proof of God’s existence.

The Einstein Enigma is a story of love and treason, and a quest for a fundamental truth. It is a fast-paced, compelling adventure that takes Tomás and Ariana, together with the reader on a breathtaking pursuit from Cairo to Lhasa, from Princeton to Tehran, and from Coimbra to Shigatse.

Along the way, The Einstein Enigma offers up a mystic fusion of science and religion, a meeting of Einstein and God in an unforgettable spiritual search that reaches its climax with the stunning revelation of the greatest and most elusive secret of the universe.

The design of existence.

Based on the most advanced findings in physics, cosmology and mathematics, this latest José Rodrigues dos Santos’ novel takes us on a surprising and amazing trip to the beginning of time, the essence of the universe, and the very meaning of life.

In an entertaining way, readers will discover true scientific data hidden in each of the major spiritual texts, from the Jewish Cabbala, to the Judeo-Christian Bible, the Hindu Vedas and Upanishads, the Buddhist Avatamsaka sutra and Prajnaparamita, and the Taoist Tao Te Ching. Even more remarkable perhaps, readers are introduced in a lively, popular fashion to a number of scientific concepts, including Relativity, Quantum Mechanics, Chaos Theory, the Incompleteness Theorems, the second law of thermodynamics and the Anthropic Principle.

The Einstein Enigma.

The great journey is about to begin.