José Rodrigues dos Santos


A Mão do DiaboThe Devil's Hand

(The Devil's Hand)


The crisis hit Tomás Noronha hard. Due to budgetary cuts, the famous historian and cryptanalyst is made redundant from his university and finds himself jobless.

Whilst applying for unemployment benefits, he comes across an old high school friend who is being chased by unknown men. His friend has found, and hidden, a DVD with explosive contents against the authors of the international crisis. To find it, Tomás has to decipher an intriguing cryptogram.


G O s a n S E C

O T a t + & A R

H E R T A T O .



The International Criminal Court has opened legal procedures against the authors of the world crisis for crimes against humanity. For these procedures to be successful, and despite being hunted down by ruthless assassins, Tomás must decipher his friend’s cryptogram and thus locate the DVD.

It’s a dangerous task. The DVD contains the most sensitive information in the world: The hidden truth about the crisis.

In a breathtaking adventure that brings us to the dark heart of high politics and finance, José Rodrigues dos Santos reasserts himself as a master of true mysteries. The Devil’s Hand is much more than an astonishing novel. By dealing with true data, it allows us to understand the international crisis, to know its culprits and to foresee how the crisis will unfold.